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Health & Wellbeing Programmes

Which programme is right for you?


I offer a choice of 3 programs, dependent on the level of support required. This can vary from contact weekly, fortnightly or every 3 weeks and prices start from £299.

Ultimate Programme:  Includes personalised meal planning and shopping advice.   This programme offers high level weekly support and would be suitable for those who are time restricted or have more complex health needs. Weekly contact sessions make this the most flexible and comprehensive programme that I offer to people who need regular sessions and additional health coaching to ensure you stay on track to hit your desired goals. Duration is 10 weeks minimum (weekly meeting)

Revitalise Programme: Includes an initial assessment, personalised meal plan tailor-made to your health and weight goals.  This programme offers  fortnightly contact and is ideal for those with a specific health or weight issue that requires more regular sessions to stay on track. Duration is 12 weeks (fortnightly meeting)

Kick-Starter Programme:  Includes a full health assessment  and contact every 3 weeks to follow your personalised programme to help you rach your health / weight goals.  This is ideal for those people who feel more motivated and require less contact to stay on track.  Duration is 12 weeks (meeting every 3 weeks)

What is included?


All programmes are personalised to work around your work & home life balance and may involve a combination of the following:


·     A full initial health assessment . This includes dietary assessment, medical and family history, sleep,stress, food likes/dislikes etc

·     A Personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme bespoke to your own needs (including recipe plan)

·     Recommendations on supplements and/or functional testing to help support you during your programme (dependant on                your needs)

·     Weekly, fortnightly or monthly meetings  – depending on which programme you choose

·     Full Meal Plan & Shopping List with easy-to-cook recipes to suit your likes/dislikes

·     Health coaching sessions to help you overcome obstacles to your programme success and help you break old habits that are              holding you back from reaching your own goals

·     Support via email & private message throughout the duration of your programme 

How do take the 1st step?

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