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Our Health and Wellbeing workshops and programmes can help your business by supporting your staff to make food and lifestyle changes that benefit their health and wellbeing whether they are working from home or in the office. Businesses are quickly realising that staff working from home may require additional support and we have a number of services available to help you with this.

Good Food Nutrition offers a range of services to support your business or organisation.  Services include:

  • Lunch and Learn Workshops e.g. Eat Well/Stress Less, Supercharge your Immunity, Boost your Energy, Nutrition & Sleep, Weight Loss, Hormonal Health, Digestive Health etc 

  • 4 / 6 / 8 Week programmes on a variety of health topics 

  • Health & Wellbeing workshops for Senior Management

  • Staff 1:1 Health Programmes

  • 21 /28 Day Online Group programmes  

  • Healthy Eating online Cookery Demonstrations 

Workshops have been carefully designed to be the best fit for your company, no matter what challenges your business faces.   Mini consultations for staff can also be arranged.

Workshops include:

Increase Energy, Eat Well / Stress Less, Supporting Immunity, Digestive Health, Male Health & Diet, Good Mood Foods, Nutrition & Sleep, Women’s Health & Diet, Sugar Free Challenge, Healthy Gut Foods, Food & Exercise and 6 / 8 Weeks to Optimum Health

The benefits of workplace Health & Wellbeing programmes

  • Improved health of staff  (reduced blood pressure, improved energy levels, weight loss, reduced stress levels, improved memory and concentration at work)

  • Lower levels of sickness and absenteeism from work

  • Stress Management Skills - learn what foods contribute to stress 

  • Employees feel happier, healthier, more productive and therefore enjoy a overall greater satisfaction in their workplace, which aids staff retention and reduces staff turnover

I offer a range of Senior Management 1-to-1 Health & Wellbeing programmes specifically designed to support individual requirements at every level in your business. 

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All services now take place online including Workplace Wellbeing services and Health & Wellbeing programmes /workshops