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Here is what my clients have to say

M.S., Belfast

"I cannot rate Aine and the advice she gives highly enough.  I came to her when my energy reserves were so low and wanted to see if there was anything I could do to minimise ongoing sciatica pain.  Rather than a quick fix, Aine takes a holistic approach and encourages you to take a look at all areas of nutrition and health.  Within a few weeks the pain had reduced, which was amazing, but I gained so much more than that.  After each session you get a list of practical and achievable steps to take - which have directly led to increased energy, improved sleep, better hydration, conscious stress management and implementing a more balanced and healthier diet.  Aine is very practical in her approach and has been fantastic at guiding, encouraging and supporting me through this process.  Time, money and energy well spent."

Margaret McGuire, Rural Health Partnership

Aine's recent Menopause workshop delivered to our group was excellent.  She talked about the benefits of looking after your diet during the menopause and offered lots of tips and ideas about managing stress, importance of exercise, importance of sleep and also how important it is to ask for help if you need it.  She was very well prepared and “easy to listen to” speaker.  She gave lots of time for the ladies to ask questions which was very important. 


I would highly recommend her to anyone – she has a lot of offer groups and the feedback from our group was fantastic – everyone learned a lot – enjoyed the session and went away with lots of “food for thought” – which is the aim of our programme.

Eimear, Co. Down

"Áine tailor-made a vegetarian workshop for our Red Cross PRISM programme yesterday. Everyone really enjoyed the recipes shared, the chats had and, of course, the delicious food tasting at the end. Áine is the consummate professional; being able to explain what she’s doing, take questions and engage with her audience, all whilst producing fabulous food. I would highly recommend Good Food Nutrition. A wonderful experience for all, thanks Aine"

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Image by Edward Cisneros

Cheryl, N. Ireland

I really enjoyed Aine’s recent 21 day reset, it really helped with my eating habits and improve the quality of the food that I was eating, I felt more focused and enjoyed the delicious recipes.   I struggled with sugar cravings but the snacks on the meal plan really helped with that and I learnt lots of new food tips.  Aine was always there to ask her questions or run something by her, nothing is too much trouble. I would definitely recommend Aine to anyone ready to make some changes. – Cheryl (21 day RESET)


SD, Northern Ireland

When I approached Aine for help I was primarily thinking about improving my diet to lose weight and to gain some energy.  I could never have imagined the overall health benefits I would experience after completing the programme!


Aine's recommendations were easy to implement and maintain and not only improved my diet but also helped with reduction of widespread pain,  improving of sleep and massive improvements to gut health. Thanks so much Aine.