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Hi, I’m Áine, a Registered Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, Chef and certified Transformational Breath® Group Leader.  My passion is to help people, like yourself, transform your life, get your ZING back and feel great about yourself every day.  Using a combination of food & lifestyle medicine and breathwork, I see my clients thrive in their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing by taking small, manageable steps to improve their health.  

Areas I specialise in are Hormonal Health, Thyroid Health & Stress Management

Have you spent years feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and feeling like your eating and exercise habits are completely out of control?  Do you find yourself starting a new health routine, only to fall back on old habits and then beat yourself up about it for days?  Are those old habits keeping you stuck and stopping you from staying on track? 


Then, don't panic - you're definitely not alone.  


Let me show you how it's possible to eat great food, maintain a healthy weight in the process, increase your energy and reduce your stress levels, sleep better and get your mojo back without feeling restricted in what you eat.  I will work with you to help you reset your mindset around food and health - this is called the personalised health approach.  My approach is to help you nourish all aspects of your wellbeing.  I believe a combination of physical, mental and emotional and spiritual nourishment is what enables us to feel healthier and happier in our day-to-day lives.  

Get your ZING back for life and feel great every day

Health & Wellbeing plans - built for you

 I create personalised plans to help you achieve your own personal goals.  

Simon Community Northern Ireland  

Aine facilitated a 6-week programme for our clients. The sessions were specifically designed around the needs of our clients and incorporated not only quality nutritional ingredients but recipes that were easy to follow and were cost effective. The clients absolutely loved the engagement and learning from Aine and were so responsive to all the sessions and all the recipes. The sessions brought about a sense of camaraderie within the hostel and helped those clients who struggle with expression to really come out of themselves. There was an instant mood boost and all-round sense of belonging in the kitchen when Aine was delivering the sessions. One client stated that “I actually love cooking and never thought I was much good at it before. I will definitely be trying these recipes for myself. The atmosphere and energy levels within the hostel were at all time high. Thanks so much Aine"

Workplace Wellbeing

Give your staff the support they need with my popular workshops and online courses or my one-off "Lunch & Learn" workshops.


I also  offer Senior Management

Stress Management services.  Click below for details.

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