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For many, a spa day is the perfect way to relieve stress and feel special. Those hours of pure pampering are the ultimate indulgence, but when a spa trip doesn’t quite fit into your schedule (or your budget!), there are plenty of easy ways you can recreate a relaxing spa-like experience at home.

A large part of the reason why going to a spa feels so special is because all five of your senses are engaged. When recreating this in your own home, remember to do the same and incorporate elements that are pleasing to your sense of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing.

  1. 1. Start the day with a herbal tea or warm lemon water. Give your system a break from caffeine. It stresses your body and causes an imbalance in your blood sugar levels, which in turn leads to energy crashes. Lemon water invigorates the body and can help stimulate the digestive system and improve the detoxification process. Green tea and white tea are packed with antioxidants. Liquorice tea can help support the body in times of stress, and peppermint is well known for being a good digestive tonic.

  2. Treat your body with real wholefoods: At a spa, the food feels nourishing and healthy, but it’s also delicious. If you love to cook, try recipes from the likes of Amelia Freer, Maddeline Shaw, and Helmsley + Helmsley. Try to incorporate some homemade veg-based juices, and avoid those foods you know make you feel lethargic or bloated. Many people feel better reducing dairy and gluten, and starchy carbs like potatoes, pasta and rice.

  3. Light Scented Candles: When you walk into a spa it always smells delicious – not overwhelming but just enough scent so your brain picks up it's time to relax. Scented candles fit the bill perfectly, while also bringing in (especially after dark), a cosy atmosphere. The ideal scents for a spa day include lavender, chamomile, rose, sandalwood and ylang ylang.

  4. Create the mood with your favourite music: Pick instrumental songs, rather than tunes with words. Research shows lyrics can trigger subconscious memories, upping your stress level, without you even realising it.

  5. Take a long, luxurious bath: There are few things as relaxing as a bath. Just soaking in peace, feeling weightless, is pure bliss. Try adding Epsom salts or magnesium flakes to your bath to help ease your muscles and relieve stress. Or add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Wrap up in your best, fluffy towels when you come out.

  6. Pamper yourself with chemical free beauty products: Treat your body to gorgeous beauty products – a face mask, maybe, or a luxuriously rich body lotion. Go beyond what you would normally include in your daily routine to feel extra special. Check the ingredients to ensure you’re not loading your body up with toxins – the skin is the body’s biggest organ and will absorb into the bloodstream anything you put on it.

  7. Read a book: Taking time out to read is a fantastic form of self care. For a true spa day experience, put down the thriller and switch to a game-changing book that will leave you feeling motivated and inspired. Look for books that will inspire you in life, introduce new ideas to you or self-care such as meditation or mindfulness.

Contact Aine on 07833 740043 or visit and book your FREE mini consultation today. Everyday can be a spa day at home.

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