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Exercise and Boosting Mood

Last week, I talked about supporting good mood through food. Today, I want to chat about the impact of exercise on low mood and how it can help improve it.

If you are feeling down and de-motivated, it’s not easy to get started on exercise: but the benefits are worth it. The endorphins that come from exercising (even gentle types) gives us a natural high and boosts our overall feelings of wellbeing.

Exercise increases blood flow to the brain and raises levels of the brain chemicals serotonin and dopamine. Higher serotonin levels make us feel good. Dopamine helps create a sense of motivation. Natural light also stimulates serotonin. Exercise helps you to sleep, because it can “burn off ” excess adrenalin.

It helps to balance blood sugar and lose weight and that, in turn, improves your mood and motivation. When you get started, aim for 20 minutes of exercise five days a week, preferably outdoors. If you are significantly overweight, this could be brisk walking –

30 minutes a day would be better.

Find something you like doing, preferably in a pleasant area, and with other people. It’s great to have an exercise buddy. Exercise then becomes another means of focusing attention away from yourself and your preoccupations, and of spending enjoyable time with others. An exercise buddy also adds accountability - you are more likely to show up.

Following the low-GL mood boosting diet, and maybe taking the right supplements, will improve energy levels enough to give it a go. Including lot of wholefoods, fruit, vegetables, protein, legumes etc will go a long way to nourishing your body alongside your exercise routine. Start with slow changes every day and you will soon notice how much better you feel.

I would love to hear your comments, please feel free to post below or get in touch.

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